Message from NSP’s Executive Director
Dear Friends Posted Date: 08/03/2013

Welcome to the NSP website and the good news the programme has to share, the first and second phases of the National Solidarity Programme of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development MRRD/NSP have been successfully executed with results that justify its prominence as the nation’s flagship development programme. With NSP support, villages across Afghanistan are on the move!

More than 92% of rural communities have been mobilized, and 34,956 have elected local councils to represent themselves. These Community Development Councils (CDCs) have prioritized needs and planned, managed, and monitored over 85,886 subprojects made possible by block grants that have already supplied. More than USD1, 627 million has been disbursed to community-driven rural reconstruction and development. In this process, NSP has led the new nation’s ‘reach’ to rural communities and laid the foundations for inclusive and progressive local governance in almost 396 districts and every province of Afghanistan.

NSP’s achievements demonstrate the effectiveness of its development paradigm partnering national government and villages; one that, assisted by 31 facilitating non-governmental and other organizations, harnesses, at scale, both the strength, leadership, and sweat equity contributed by empowered communities, and the commitment and generosity of Afghanistan’s international donors.

So successfully have NSP I and II been completed that with their accomplishments and momentum, NSP began its third phase in October 2010. Over the next 2.5 years, MRRD will carry the programme and its block grants to 95% villages in the country, establishing more than 11,500 new CDCs. NSP will also deliver a second round of block grants to almost 13,500 CDCs that have successfully utilized first round block grants. Most importantly, NSP III will continue to develop the abilities of CDCs to operate as the people’s representatives at the village-level and the capacities enabling them to assume the mandate of the Village Councils foreseen in the Constitution.

The NSP ‘team’ proudly welcomes your interest in the programme and hopes for your support in achieving its ambitions.

With best regards.

Ghulam Rasoul  Rasouli
Acting Executive Director
National Solidarity Programme (NSP)
Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan