The Preliminary Meeting of Citizen’s Charter Conducted

Kabul, Afghanistan, September 24, 2016: The preliminary meeting of Citizen’s Charter National Program with participation of Eng. Naseer Ahmad Durrani the MRRD Minister, Naseer Hameed the IDLG Director and 250 members of community Development Councils


(CDCs) and Urban Development Assemblies (UDAs) conducted in Kabul today“Our today’s meeting’s exclusivities are different than those gatherings taken place in the past. One of the exclusivities is the participation of UDA along with the CDCs in today’s meeting. The development will take place simultaneously in both rural and urban areas with the implementation of the Citizen’s Charter and the economic gap previously existed between cities and the villages will be reduced”, said Eng. Naseer Ahmad Durrani the MRRD Minister.In continuation of his speech the MRRD Minister said: “In our previous meetings, we have talked with you about your communities’ economic growth and noted down your constructive opinions and recommendations provided in various sectors including health, education and agriculture. With due consideration to same recommendations, the Nation Unity Government has decided to design the Citizen’s Charter and entrust its execution to you.” The design of Citizen’s Charter also covers the role of the displaced and the returnees as they were never given attention in the past. We put an end to this favoritism in the execution of the Citizen’s Charter. Moreover, you will not have the responsibility to only implement the projects under Citizen’s Charter, but you will have to monitor the performances of every line ministry”, added the MRRD Minister.  “The National Solidarity Programme (NSP) was an experimental phase yielding some extraordinary results as some 88,700 development projects for millions of dollars have been constructed across Afghanistan under this program.  The role of women was carefully considered in NSP implementation, being able to give opinion about the development of their communities”, the MRRD Minister revealed. While shedding light on Citizen’s Charter, the MRRD Minister said: “The Citizen’s Charter will be implemented during coming ten years at a cost of one milliard dollars and our villages and cities will experience considerable economic growth in this period.”The implementation of Citizen’s Charter is a distinguished start for our villages and cities. I am pleased that the Citizen’s Charter also covers our cities as our citizens, kept waiting for years, will be provided with quality services under this program. The Citizen’s Charter is an opportunity to achieve our goals that our citizens were waiting for”, said Naseer Hameed the IDLG Director.  In another session of the meeting, the CDC and UDA members divided up into eight groups analyzing the Citizen’s Charter scopes of work and shared their findings, thoughts, priorities and recommendations with each other.  At the end of the program, each group noted down the results of their work on the charts and shared them with other groups in a bid to exchange opinions and experiences.