Donors and Budget
Donors and Budget Posted Date: 08/31/2016

Donors: The NSP receives funding from four primary sources: the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA), the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), the Japanese

Social Development Fund (JSDF) and bilateral donors. Contributors to the NSP via the ARTF include Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, EC/EU, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK/ DFID, and the United States. Bilateral donors include the Governments/ Embassies/ International Aid Agencies from Cyprus, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland. The proportion of the funding received to-date is as follows: US$ 437.84 Million (19.13 - %) IDA, US$ 1,667.93 Million (72.86%) ARTF, US$ 41.81 Million (1.82%) JSDF,  US$ 7.92 Million (0.35%) FPCRTF and US$ 144.57 Million (6.19%) bilateral funds. Funding from some donors are “preference” by geographic area or core components.

Budget: The total NSP budget forthe period from May 2003 to June 2016 (not including community contributions) amounts to US$ 2.5 billion. The total expenditure as of 20th June-2016 is US$ 2,291.13  Million that may be broadly divided into the core components as follows:

  • Component 1: Establishment and capacity building of CDCs (i.e. all FP costs) = US 420.11 million, i.e. 18.24%
  • Component 2: Community grants for economic and social development (i.e. all block grant costs) = US$ 1,652.60 Million, i.e. 71.75 %
  • Component 3: Project implementation support (i.e. all non-BG and non FP costs) = US$ 230.52 Million, i.e.10.01%.

Block Grants (BG): The NSP provides a block grant to each community with an established CDC and a detailed Community Development Plan (CDP). The CDC may decide to utilize its block grant for community prioritized infrastructure subprojects from a relatively open NSP permissible subproject menu. The block grant is determined by the number of families in a community as Afghanis Ten Thousand (AFA 10,000) per family, with a maximum ceiling of Afghanis Three Million (AFA 3,000,000) per community. The entire community’s block grant entitlement needs to be committed into 1 or 2 approved subproject proposals, and disbursements of the same are then made in tranches of 90% followed by 10% into a bank account owned and operated by the CDC on behalf of the community.