NSP Donors Posted Date: 07/28/2013


The National Solidarity Programme (NSP) has relied on funding from a variety of sources including financing from WB/IDA and JSDF, financing from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), which provides funding to NSP from various donors (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, EC/EU, Finland, Germany, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America), and bi-lateral funding, which has come from Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic and New Zealand directly to NSP.

Overall the NSP programme budget from the beginning of the programme till the end of NSP Phase III in mid-2015 is an estimated US $ 2.7 billion.  

  Government of Australia (ARTF)

  Government of Belgium (ARTF)

  Government of Canada ( ARTF)

  Government of Czech Republic (Bilateral)

  Government of Denmark ( ARTF)

  European Union EC/EU ( ARTF)

  Government of Finland (ARTF)

  Government of France (Bilateral)

  Government of Germany ( ARTF)

Government of Italy (Bilateral)

  Government of Netherlands  ( Bilateral)

  Government of Japan (JAICA/JSDF)

  Government of New Zealand (Bilateral)

  Government of Norway (ARTF)

  Government of Slovak Republic ( Bilateral)

  Government of Spain (ARTF)

  Government of Sweden ( ARTF )

  Government of Switzerland ( Bilateral)

  Government of the United Kingdom (ARTF)

  Government of the United States ( ARTF)

  World Bank/International Development Association (IDA)

NSP Funding Sources include:

WB/IDA Grants
Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF)
Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF)
Bilateral Funds