NSP Operational Manual
NSP Operational Manual Posted Date: 08/14/2012

The NSP Operational Manual (OM) is a detailed description of how the programme functions and what is required of stakeholders directly involved in the programme’s implementation. The OM promotes consistency, transparency, and accountability in the application of NSP policies and procedures at all levels. It outlines NSP objectives, community mobilization and sub-project cycles, financial management procedures, monitoring and evaluation systems, and reporting requirements, among other elements.

The OM forms part of the Development Grant Agreement with the International Development Association (IDA) and is therefore a legally binding document. The OM is reviewed and revised annually based on stakeholder input and lessons learned from the field.

The latest version of the OM is available in below links.

NSP Operational Manual Main Text and Annexes English-1
NSP Operational Manual Main Text and Annexes English