Monitoring & Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation Posted Date: 02/28/2010

The NSP Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Department is responsible for coordinating the overall M&E tasks, liaising with NSP stakeholders in the collection and reporting of required data. The primary purpose of the M&E Department is to collect and report on data on the indicators defined in the results framework of NSP III. The M&E data are continuously updated and consolidated quarterly for provision to the World Bank task team, and are made available to coincide with the supervision missions of the programme. The M&E department is supported by regional and provincial M&E staff as well as Facilitating Partners at the province and district level.

Currently, NSP has initiated discussions with the World Bank and other stakeholders on how to improve the overall NSP M&E framework and functions so as to respond best to the requirement of reporting on the NSP results framework and to improve the NSP programme and to communicate more efficiently on progress and results achieved in the communities of Afghanistan.

Further updates on M&E will follow soon.