NSP Milestones
NSP Milestones Posted Date: 08/06/2013

NSP came into effect as part of an overall Emergency Community Empowerment grant from the World Bank

  • 21 other NSP FPs contracted by September, 2003 and the first roll-out of NSP to 5,000 communities begins
  • NSP recognized as the flag-ship programme of the GoA by the donor community in 2004
  • NSP undertakes second roll-out to 4,500 new communities in 2004, disbursing US$ 100 million of community grants by June, 2005 and establishes 10,000 CDCs in October, 2005
  • NSP undertakes third roll-out to 6,800 new communities by 2006
  • An Afghan National is appointed as Executive Director of NSP in November, 2006
  • NSP undertakes fourth roll-out to 6,300 new communities in early 2007
  • NSP disburses US$400 million in fourth year of operation in December, 2007
  • NSP undertakes fifth roll-out to 560 new communities in early 2009
  • NSP establishes over 21,800 CDCs by March, 2009
  • NSP disburses US$593 million in sixth year of operation in April, 2009
  • An Afghan National is appointed as Director of Operations in April, 2009
  • The end of the MSC consultancy and start of the FMA services in March, 2010
  • Approval by the World Bank Board for the NSP III in June, 2010
  • Start of the NSP III in October, 2010
  • The close of the NSP II in September, 2011
  • The contracting of a new FMA in July, 2012
  • Disbursing over US$ 1 billion in block grants to communities in October, 2012 
  • The completion of over 50,000 financed sub-projects in September, 2012
  • The establishment of over 30,000 CDCs in August, 2012
  • The contracting of 15,000+new communities between 2009 to 2013 for NSP IIIA
  • The contracting of 11,500+repeater block grant communities between mid-2012 to early-2013 for NSP IIIB